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With Jameal Ali

With Jameal Ali

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From left:  Amelia Pedlow, Kimberley Chaterjee, Kate Hamill, Chris Thorne, John Tufts, Nance Williamson, and Mark Bedard

From left:  Amelia Pedlow, Kimberley Chaterjee, Kate Hamill, Chris Thorne, John Tufts, Nance Williamson, and Mark Bedard




Henry V

Tug of War Pt. 1--Henry V

"For Henry V, Gaines has John Tufts, who turns in the most distinctive, most revealing, performance of the night, seeing the flaws of his man, while also creating the counterpoint of a guy mostly doing his best in life-and-death circumstances."--Chris Jones Chicago Tribune

"This Henry, played by John Tufts, is the best I have ever seen because he is the most inward. He delivers many of his lines as if musing to himself. In the night scene before the battle of Agincourt, where he enters in disguise, he becomes peevish at the criticism of the king and argues desperately, as if with himself. Then, when he is alone, he collapses in genuine anguish at the thought that he is still tainted by the sin of his usurping father. He prays that the sin be not visited on his innocent subjects. It is a harrowing experience for us because his anguish is so genuine."--Gary Willis NY Review of Books

"Tufts magnificently handles his character’s not-always-lineal progression as he loses faith in the righteousness of his cause, until his “Upon the king” speech is a string of desperate, confused self-justifications. The Saint Crispin’s Day speech is powerful and stirring in this version, but its impact comes from Henry’s determination to make something good come of the mess he’s helped create."--Tom Williams Chicago Critic

"Tufts’ Henry V projects truth with each gesture: his coming-of-age journey over the course of the play is raw and real."--Scotty Zacher Chicago Theater Beat

I Am My Own Wife--Charlotte Von Mahlsdorff

I am my own Wife

"The brilliant actor John Tufts handles the show’s frequent shifts in time frame and in format with remarkable tact and dexterity." Charles Donelan Santa Barbara Independent
"John Tufts brings shrewd wit to the stage as Charlotte, who is both coquettish and brazen in her lifestyle. This keen mastery of credibility gives Charlotte sly appeal as the perpetuator of her own incredible story; it also betrays the possibility of a character whose story is well-rehearsed, marking Charlotte as a woman with an undeniable propensity for survival."--Maggie Yates Broadway World

head over heels

Head Over Heels--Dylan Paul (Musidorus) Me (Philanax)

"Continually funny, gleeful and silly" --The New York Times
"The opening night audience fell head over heels for it from the moment actor John Tufts sauntered across the stage and verbally seduced us in the guise of an Elizabethan punk Fool. Oh, we knew we were in good hands." KLCC